Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Alright, I know that I just started posting about learning the individual cards, but I'm already going to change that.  I decided a daily post on my exploration of a new card, with a description of that card, might do me a lot of good, but would make for very boring reading.  My insights into the cards, as a newbie, are not likely to be earth-shattering, and if you really want to know what the cards look like, you can get a deck for yourself, or look for pictures of individual cards online.

Instead, I'm going to post highlights of my three-month plus long journey.  Little tidbits, like the fact that leaving the card out for a day and letting my subconscious work over it is a much better process than turning it over and immediately trying to process it.  Or that when I turned over the three of Wands, it felt strongly like a reading, not a lesson.

Little things, but things I feel are important and/or interesting.

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