Friday, May 26, 2017

Six Years in the Making

It's been two and a half years this time, BUT, I've finally learned the tarot!  How?  In clearing out my email inbox (I had 6800 unread messages.) I found an old course for which I had all the emails and had never read them!  They were the Daily Pagan's 100 Days of Tarot, and they worked!

I used a standard Rider deck, and my method was this:  I read one a day, starting with The Fool.  On the second day, I went over The Fool and then worked on the second lesson, The Magician.  On the third day I went over both of those, then moved to the new lesson, and so forth.  By the end, I'd gone over The Fool seventy-eight times!  A bit tedious at times, but as I said above, it worked!

I really liked the deck, too.  The Rider was easy to understand and easy to remember.  The cards are straightforward and just different enough.

Hopefully this means I can start posting more often!  I certainly mean to do so!

Thank you all for your patience!