Friday, September 5, 2014

New Approach

Alright, so my attempt to go back to tarot did not work.  My last post was over a year and a half ago and, other than one unfinished New Year's reading, I have not touched the cards since.  This doesn't mean I don't still want to learn them, though.  I think I just need to try something else.

Toward that end, I decided to try a different kind of cards.  Not really tarot, but they serve much the same purpose.  I suppose they're generally known as oracle decks, but this one calls itself a symbol card set.

I was in a book store and saw these, but I decided I had enough card sets and didn't need another one, so I didn't even pick them up.  But I couldn't stop thinking about them, and when I went to empty my basket with my final purchases, I panicked because I didn't have them.  I rushed back to them and felt calm only after they were in my hands.

I used the cards as soon as I got a chance, and I immediately and easily fell through layer upon layer of understanding about myself as soon as I drew one.  It was so easy it was like child's play.  And I was happy, because this is why I wanted oracle cards--I felt they would help me connect with myself more, and therefore make tarot decks easier to use.

Here's hoping it works.