Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The End of the Beginning

After more than a month off, I'm back.  I now know that I can't always control whether I post or not, but I will try all the harder to stay on track.

On to the tarot part.  :) 

I have now finished Chapter 5, "Just Before We Begin . . .".  I call it the end of the beginning because the next step is actually getting to know the cards.  I have been looking forward to this part and alternately scared of it since I began the book.  Why scared?  I suppose I feel that HERE is where I learn whether this is possible for me.  Where I learn whether I can do it or not.

As to getting to know them, Ms. Ellershaw believes that too many rely too much on the major arcana, so she begins with the minor arcana, follows with the court cards, and only then moves on to the major arcana.  And I'm perfectly willing to do that, maybe because it seems like smaller "bites."

Chapter 5 was about the process for getting to know the individual cards, as well as some logistics about spreads and reversed cards.  (She doesn't feel different interpretations for reversed cards are necessary, btw.  I don't agree with that, but I'll stick to it while following her lessons.)  It was a relatively short chapter, which was a good way to get back into the book and the instruction.

On to the cards themselves.